Cardio healthy superfoods: Best choices

cardio healthy superfoods

When upgrading your health, you must think of protecting your heart. Our heart must be on track in order for us to have great fitness results and overall wellbeing. Eating healthy involves making good food choices so we can get the most benefits for our body. Having more cardio healthy superfoods will ensure proper blood flow. Also, this ensures that the rest of your body works right, and will prevent you from heart diseases.

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What to eat to stay fit and healthy

what to eat to stay fit

It’s that time of the year in which we are approaching more social gatherings, festivities and events: the holidays. At this point, many people face many challenges. Most may become concerned about what to eat to stay fit while participating in the holidays without gaining weight. Others may even get more obsessed about dieting and exercising, fasting, going into restrictions in order to binge during the season and not feel the guilt.

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Burn fat now: Top 15 nutrition and exercise hacks

burn fat

A common issue that many of us struggle with is trying to keep a body fat within a healthy range. This is especially true when we have been looking for different ways to boost your metabolism. Maybe you’ve been wondering how is it that some people can have a “fast metabolism”, while you are still trying to figure out how to speed up yours. Even though each body is different, it is a fact that our lifestyle determines in great measure how our body works to burn fat.

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Smoothie bowls: How to get the most benefits

smoothie bowls

Smoothie bowls are the new trend in healthy eating for wellness. If you are looking to add variety, good taste and tons of nutrition, then you should try adding these blends to your menu. It is very easy and common to find many combinations. Now, you don’t have to “drink your nutrients” in a glass, you can simply switch up things. Smoothie bowls have precisely that advantage, that you can add toppings and different ingredients to make the eating experience unique.

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Workout routines: Gym or at home?

workout routines

Practicing workout routines to your best comfort and lifestyle is a key component to focus on. Now, there are many options out there to choose from. You can decide whether to train from the comfort of your home or join a gym in which you can have access to many different commodities as well. So which workout routines should be the best option for you? Gym or at home? Well, that’s a good question. It all depends on your personal goals and your own lifestyle. Let’s go through some of the pros and cons to choose gym workout or home workout.

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Boost your metabolism with these 4 ultimate guides

boost your metabolism

You decided that one of your main goals is to lose weight or burn fat for better fitness results. You’ve heard that the way to go by this is to boost your metabolism. Do you actually know what that really is? Metabolism is all of the chemical processes that occur in our body. To summarize, it involves when we are resting, as well as what happens when we eat, digest the food and move our body.  

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Top Skin superfoods you can’t miss

skin superfoods

Are you looking for a more youthful and glowing skin? Having a healthier skin starts in the kitchen. That’s right! Whatever you eat will not only reflect in your body weight but also in the appearance of your skin. Of course, you want to invest in your skin, since it will represent you for a long time. I will dive deeper into some important skin superfoods to be on top of your skincare.

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Top “healthy foods” that can make you gain fat

"healthy foods"

If you are on a healthy journey and are looking for the best food choices, you want to focus on eating variety and quality. There is so much marketing about diet foods and healthy foods, that we might fall into the trap of eating not-so-healthy. You might be wondering, how is this possible? The answer is simple: there are “healthy foods” that have hidden extras. Abusing of these so called “health-friendly” foods can turn into fat and weight gain if not careful.

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Clean eating: What it really means

clean eating

Clean eating is becoming a lifestyle choice more recently these days. It is a great opportunity to start boosting your health in many ways. But, do you know what clean eating really is? Do you know what clean eating implies? There is so much information around, that could be getting people more confused. Today, I will explain to you what it is to “eat clean” and also my point of view. Take some notes about my professional advice.

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The Ultimate gluten free diet guide

gluten free diet

If you are celiac and you’re having a hard time finding food choices, this information is for you. Celiac disease is a condition that has limited a lot of food options for many people. The great news is that now there are varieties of options and products available to make your life easier. The best thing is that you can have access to inexpensive choices if you have a limited budget. Let’s go through some of the top recommendations for a gluten free diet.

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