Detox Smoothies? Learn how to maximize your wellbeing!

Green fruit-veggie blends, commonly known as detox smoothies, are a great way of introducing maximum benefits to our health. Consuming healthy smoothies has become a “seriously” booming trend in diet and fitness. We can get so many powerful benefits naturally. It has been discovered for some time, that the so called “superfoods”, have amazing properties for our body. More often than not, we tend to underestimate the power of fruits and “greens”. We do not have them as a priority in our daily eating lifestyle. That´s why is so crucial to understand why adding them to your diet will help you staying on track.

The reality

Personally, I am used to eating fruits and vegetables on a regular basis, in their whole state or raw. For a lot of people, this is still a challenge, as they have not acquired the habit of consuming fruits and veggies as recommended. Remember that experts advice to eat 5-6 portions a day. The good thing is that increasing our portion intake doesn’t have to be an uphill task. That’s where the green smoothies come into, as a start!

Why Detox smoothies?

Well, do you actually know what a detox product or process really is? As the word says, the intention of following a detox regime is to detoxify, or “clean” our body from all the damaging components in it regularly. We are constantly subject to receiving substances or products that intensify risks of getting ill.

Getting rid of the damaging…

A well known example is such as the “free radicals”, components present in the environment, certain foods (especially processed foods) and substances like alcohol and tobacco. The free radicals speed up the damaging and aging process of our body, which most of the times lead to increased risk of diseases and lower immune system. That’s why it is so important to never omit the “greens”, since these have nutrients and antioxidants that do the complete opposite effect, to our advantage.

The main pros:

detox smoothies

Following a detox process has a lot of proven benefits for our wellbeing: It reduces the risk of anxiety and food cravings, indigestion, constipation, infections, may help against influenza, allergies, bloating, low energy, fatigue, lack of concentration, headaches, insomnia, chronic pain, sensitivities, yeast infections, overweight/ obesity, and so much more I could mention.

The Detox process has gained a lot of power as a key step in the weight management process, plus it’s a stage that people who want to lose weight enjoy and embrace in a fun way!

Nutri advice

Just to clarify, there are a lot of different ways to do the “detox” process. I recommend you getting a routine check up with your doctor. This is to discard any chronic conditions, before attemptimg any special diet. Detoxing is easy and pretty much, you don’t need a prescription for this. However, I don’t advice doing full meal replacements with green smoothies until you are assessed by a nutritionist. Bear in mind that your body needs a full balanced diet. You need all the nutrients, so doing full day meal replacements or skipping meals might be harmful and have a reverse effect on your health.

What you can do to start, is adding 1 or 2 healthy smoothies a day to reinforce a healthy nutrition. Remember this:

“The main goal is to help your body get rid of the toxins and boost your health by receiving all the nutrients you can!”


Bear in mind that you must always aim to get a full balanced diet. You should still eat protein foods, such as meat, chicken and seafood. Also, dairies, soy milk or almond milk provide a good source of calcium, among other nutrients. Don’t forget to include a lot of water, wether you are consuming smoothies or not, this is still essential. Whole grains are also a must have in your diet, as they are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, for a better digestion. Make sure to include more green leafs and raw vegetables as much as you can, avoiding the excess in carbs.

As I mentioned, there are many functions and objetives of doing  detox smoothies, plus there are several combinations you can do to get powerful and delicious blends!

Getting the most out of detox…

The most important part is that you will be eating more fruits and veggies in a healthy and fun way. Aditionally, you’ll be able to create different menus each day. Another great fact is that the detox smoothies process si so easy and versatile. You don’t really need to think of a strict regime, once you have a healthy eating lifestyle in your hands. Now, if you are curious about more ways to benefit from detox smoothies, I´ll share more these upcoming days. I’ve also prepared a FREE GUIDE with my top favorite green smoothies, that I’m sure you’ll love! 

So let’s get started in to a healthier journey and make sure to share this information with the ones you care for!

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  1. I loved juicing when I was doing it. At first I did get headaches and I am not sure if it was because of the intake all at once, but after I can attest that I had a ton of energy and felt better. Nonetheless, after a couple of months I did have to stop due to medical reasons. I think it is like anything in life-everything in moderation. But I do love your post. Happy Health!

    1. As you mentioned, it’s a matter of moderation and having a healthy eating lifestyle as a whole! And I agree that we must always be in regular medical check ups. I’m glad it helped! People are having success on their healthy journey doing this Stay healthy!

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