Carbs fear? Here are the main reasons why you shouldn’t


The new trends in nutrition and changes in lifestyle has made us believe that carbs are among the harmful things to eat. This has led us to do restrictive diets, to the point of creating overwhelm and anxiety. Scientific evidence has shown that carbs are not dangerous, but actually needed for our body to work properly. Various statements support the idea of restricting carbs from your diet. But, is this really worth doing? I will explain why it is important to not eliminate all the carbs from your diet, especially if you workout regularly.

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Weight loss journey: The 5 Main mistakes you’re making


Everyday we face different challenges when trying to keep a healthy lifestyle regimen. We all know that achieving and maintaining a healthy weight requires balance, discipline and moderation. However, some people may be struggling more than others in their weight loss journeys. There are different facts why this is happening, but the truth is, more often than not, it’s our own habits and mindset that determine our success in this process. So what makes the difference? If you are feeling demotivated or “stuck” in your weight loss journey, you may want to take a look at some common mistakes you’re unconsciously making when trying to lose weight. I will outline the top 5 setbacks or “myths” about losing weight..

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Top superfoods that will take your health to the next level!


You probably have heard the term “superfoods” but may be still wondering what special there is in them that makes people crave for. The truth is, there are tons of properties that these foods have which is why they are “super”. The coolest thing about  top superfoods is, they are not that exotic nor expensive, in fact, they are relatively cheap and you can get them anywhere! From your backyard, the grocery store or local market, it’s a must to include nutrient rich foods in your diet if you want to get the best benefits, and not miss out on improving your wellbeing!

Excellent nutritional value

Superfoods are known for being rich sources of vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, and other natural elements that enhance body function. They are also proven to help decrease the risk of acquiring certain diseases. Here are some of them, which I totally love and recommend:

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Detox Smoothies? Learn how to maximize your wellbeing!


Green fruit-veggie blends, commonly known as detox smoothies, are a great way of introducing maximum benefits to our health. Consuming healthy smoothies has become a “seriously” booming trend in diet and fitness. We can get so many powerful benefits naturally. It has been discovered for some time, that the so called “superfoods”, have amazing properties for our body. More often than not, we tend to underestimate the power of fruits and “greens”. We do not have them as a priority in our daily eating lifestyle. That´s why is so crucial to understand why adding them to your diet will help you staying on track.

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Cheat Meal? How to embrace it in a healthy way!

cheat meal

The famous “cheat meal” is something that we have been doing all the time, some people feel guilty about it, others don’t. The truth is that this has become a viral or new “fashion trend”, especially in recent times when people are more conscious of keeping up with their healthy eating habits. You can also hear a lot about this term among fitness addicts and sports athletes. But do you really know what is a “cheat meal”? Did you know that doing a “cheat meal” actually has some benefits for you? Well, you shouldn’t be worried about it if you are in the process of a healthy eating journey. I’ll tell you why.

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Better version of yourself: Steps to achieve it

better version

Life has certainly a lot of challenges, lessons, and ups and downs that we must embrace. Being able to handle all the different things that happen most of the times turns our emotions and thoughts into a really crazy roller coaster. Well, the reason I am saying this, is because that’s how I’ve felt about my life experiences. This Is my open letter to all those folks, who, just like me, are in the process towards working to achieve a better version and wellbeing.

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Skin glow! Let it be flawless naturally!


Everyday we find thousands of articles and information about tips on how to better take care of our skin. There are even famous celebrities sharing their top beauty secrets. Most of us even feel a sort of envy and little overwhelm by having so much resources and still not feeling satisfied about our skin’s appearance. Well, the truth is we may need to realize that eating well and keeping a healthy lifestyle are the top components of a great looking skin, even hair and nails. Have you really thought about it? Let me dive deeper into these facts..

Beauty starts from within

We have heard this phrase for decades. This is by far the key to looking great; of course, I am not referring to how you feel about yourself nor the psychological aspect of it. It is truly how we nourish our body and the way we live that actually determines the state of wellbeing of our skin. Eating healthy is definitely a “must do” to have our skin looking beautiful and radiant!

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Top healthy smoothies benefits you don’t want to miss!

healthy smoothies

Healthy smoothies are a trending item in modern eating lifestyle. We cannot deny that these types of foods have so many features and benefits that everyone is discovering and using. I absolutely love them for several reasons: these are so easy to prepare, there are endless sorts of combinations, you can find different flavors, textures and depending on the ingredients, they also represent a powerful good source to improve our health in many ways. Since I started consuming these, I have only found benefits to my health and this has made my life much easier. I will share some insight as to why I highly recommend you start adding these great foods in your daily menu.

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Active lifestyle! How to get it moving…?


Tips and reasons to include exercise in your healthy lifestyle

Everyday we see more people, ads, news, articles, and posts about being “fit”.  Emphasizing about being active and working out at the gym, building muscles, looking like models, losing weight, etc, etc… But, pause for a minute and think… Do you realize how important it is to get it moving? Do you know why you should have an active lifestyle regimen? Why does your body need it? What are the main objectives of staying “in shape”? What is your motivation? If we don’t have clear answers to these questions, then it would be difficult to determine the need for an exercise routine or to even think of it as habit. So let’s give it some insight and I’ll tell you why and how I started including daily exercise in my healthy lifestyle.

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Lifestyle goals: Why boost your health and wellbeing


Today I want to share with you some insight about why I decided to focus on bringing new ideas and helping you to improve your lifestyle. I know for some people it can be challenging, since it may require certain discipline and sacrifices, but from my perspective and experiences it is well worth doing! Besides being a trending topic in these recent times, I believe that everyone of us is becoming more aware of the importance to improve the quality of life.

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